Happy Mother’s Day

Our Mother’s remind us of those small and important things to help us learn and grow. They take time to nurture our self–esteem and help us become a decent and caring human being. As we go on our journey of life, we hit obstacles along the way reminding us of how She traveled on the same journey, but we failed to realize She was there until a light bulb goes off in our heads.

This light bulb goes off for each and every one of us at different times and stages. When? This depends on what part of the journey is significant. She was there when, in elementary school, other kids teased or were mean to us. She was there when we appeared in our first school play or band concert. She was there at our first sporting event when we broke our first bone. She was there when we had our first heartache, and most importantly, She was there when got married and had children of our own.

A Mother’s love is a never ending journey traveled with us through our ups and downs, and as an adult, often times we need to remind ourselves of the sacrifices She has made just so we would come out further ahead than time allowed her to be.

Isn’t it time you’re reminded of the special woman in your life who traveled with you in order for you to make the same trip, from things you learned, with those you love?

Let this Mother’s Day be a reminder of how important She is. Make this day a relaxing and stress free day so She can enjoy her time, her way.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers who have made this journey of life possible for their children and grandchildren alike!